Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Self Portrait Challenge { slow }

This month's Self Portrait Challenge theme is Slow.

This word evokes thoughts of comfort and relaxation for me.

By nature of my very full life, I do not spend much time lounging around. However, I have been trying more in the last few months to take a few minutes here and there to relax, even if it's only once every two or three days. Reading is my relaxation method of choice.

It feels like a luxury, a real treat, to spend some time reading. When I get back on my feet to continue my day, I can feel a difference. I have enriched my life in a way that sitting in front of the television never does for me.

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amarettogirl said...

I will/am making cupcakes - some are mini- cupcake containers but I'm planning on making some 'normal' sized ones too- now on to this spc pic- slow, neutral, enlightened and quite quite beautiful! Thanks for stopping by - i hope you return, as I will return here- by the way - I'm re-reading a christmas carol these days too -wish i was part of your book club!