Saturday, January 10, 2009

Did you see it?

Tonight was the largest moon of 2009 - called a perigee moon.
There will not be another moon to appear this large again this year.

When I walked out my backdoor with all my gear to "shoot the moon", I had to put it all down for a moment and just take in what I saw... the clouds were positioned in just the right way that the moon's glow created a huge ring reflection. I tried my best to capture it... it's the arc near the top of the first picture, as well as around the right third of the second picture. This is not a reflection in my camera lens, but a truly beautiful phenomena appearing for a few fleeting moments in the sky.

The clouds thinned out a bit later, and I did get a few close shots with my zoom lense. While the moon is still not very clear, I like the clouds in the foreground - a hazy moon is still a beautiful moon.

If you'd like to read more about the perigee moon click here
to go to a great article on NASA's website.


Carol said...

Yes!!! I saw the moon! It is just beautiful, and these photos are magical. Thank you for posting them here!!

Anna said...

The one in the middle looks like a Van Gogh :-)