Saturday, January 10, 2009

Marley & Me

I read the book well before I saw the movie! I loved it, John Grogan is a great writer - he captures hilarious moments and poignant ones equally well. I was eager to see the movie because the book was so great, and I figured even if the movie was only half as good as the book, I'd enjoy it.

I was right - I enjoyed the movie so much - and it kept very well to the book. There is a lot that had to be eliminated from the book text - there was just too much to tell in the time a movie allows. There were a few added things, but they were very minor, and seemed to allow the plot to move along more smoothly to make up for what had to be cut out.

It is worth reading "Marley and Me" if you want to have lots more of what was so enjoyable about the movie!

As far as age-appropriate-ness of the movie - I considered taking my girls, but changed my mind after reading the full review on pluggedinonline. There is some language and some mild intimate scenes & discussions (that would probably fly right over the girls' heads, but still.)

**spoiler!** The most difficult thing for me in considering taking my kids was there is a scene showing him being put to sleep because he is old and sick. I know this is part of life, having put a dog to sleep when our kids were younger - they still miss her. But this scene, as well as the burial/saying goodbye scene, were so moving - I cried, my sister-in-law who was with me cried, I heard sniffles all around the theater - I am glad I didn't take my girls, or they would have been bawling. So maybe this movie is best for older kids, those who are more prepared to handle the emotional level of the sad goodbye.

Overall - a good movie and a great book!


Julie said...

Hi Rebekah,

I am just now getting around to emails... thanks so much for the ornament...I didn't put two and two together when I signed up. Thanks!!! I hope you got my card in the mail... love it.

Can I just tell you how much I love the photos on your site? So beautiful! Can you tell me what kind of camera you have? A friend of mine just told me she got the Canon Rebel and I would love to get a camera for a beginner like me... I really want to learn!!!

Thanks for the book recommendation too, I am always looking for new books!

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Julie said...

Rebekah, thanks for the camera info... and insights on taking good pictures. I know it will take time to learn, so I want to get started soon! have a great weekend!