Thursday, October 22, 2009

a handful of small projects

Just few extra little projects I've worked on in the last week or so:

I made this card for my parents' anniversary last week...

anniversary card

recycled, reused, repurposed... waterproof, too!

capri sun bag

easy to and fast to make, took me about 20 minutes to put together... I found a bunch of tutorials searching google for "juice pouch bag"

I'll be using this as a gift bag for a little girl's birthday gift next week. My girls have one, and love it... it's just the right size for carrying a Webkinz (no higher honor could be given a bag in this house!)

baby anella's dress

baby anella's dress

Thanks again to Rae for her free pattern & tutorial - it has come in so handy with all the babies being born to people in my life right now!


Joanne said...

We absolutely loved the card you made. Thanks! Also, the bag is a great idea too. Maybe I need to get a webkins?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dress! I'm thinking for making a dress from the same pattern. Can you tell me where you got the fabric or who the designer is? I'm looking for some great fabric like that. Thanks for posting your beautiful projects!