Sunday, January 31, 2010

San Jacinto

Last week we tagged along with Chad for a business trip, and spent the week with Melissa, her husband and her darling Sophia.


sophia's valentine

While there, I took advantage of our closeness to San Jacinto, and took the girls on an exciting field trip to this historic battleground where Texas won it's freedom from Mexico. We had literally just studied this battle the week before in our history studies. History came to life for us on this trip!

the San Jacinto Monument

San Jacinto monument

view from the top of the monument, of the reflecting pool on the monument grounds and the Houston Ship Channel

view from the monument

Claire and a rifle that belonged to Sam Houston, as well as two US presidents, and was used in the battle at San Jacinto

Claire & Sam Houston's rifle

Nicole... behind her on the red box is a handful of Spanish silver coins from the age of exploration - around 500 years old

Nicole & 500 year old silver coins

Ever been to a Six Flags amusement park? Did you know that the original Six Flags park was named thus because of the six flags that have flown over Texas? Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, United States, and the Texas State Flag... here are the latter three:

three of six flags

On the same grounds as San Jacinto is the last remaining US battleship that served in World War I and II!

Battleship Texas

Battleship Texas

wow, now that's a big gun



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