Friday, June 4, 2010

It really is that blue!


Living in the Bahamas is a world away from the life I lead...

The above shot was seen as we slipped into port on Grand Bahama Island on day one of our cruise. This was my favorite island of the trip, it was more like being in the country.

We had a kayaking, swimming & hiking trip on Grand Bahama, for which we took an underwater camera, and I have yet to have those developed & put on cd, so those will have to wait...

Up next, I'm wearing a top I made for this trip!

Amy Butler's "Sun Surf Halter" pattern (which I happen to have available in my etsy shop...) from one of her Midwest Modern 2 prints & a bit of her Charm line for the tie...

Of course, I cannot make something from a pattern anymore without greatly altering it - I narrowed the pieces to fit it on one yard of fabric, and I lined it with a shelf bra made from knit instead of traditional lining. I'm very happy with this pattern, love how it looks on, soooo comfortable, I'd definitely make it again!

at sea

On day two, we visited the island of Nassau, it was much more crowded and busy...

{ color }


This tree was literally growing within the side wall of this building, which makes me wonder, how did this happen?

which came first?

The Straw Market, Nassau, Bahamas...
I bought a little necklace from her, she was so sweet and insisted on putting it on for me!

it's a living

why not, it's vacation?
(on the dock at port in Nassau)

why not, it's vacation?

these were huge - probably 12" across! The guy wanted $3 each, but there was no way it would fit in my suitcase....


{ elevator mirrors }

elevator mirrors

{ full moon at sea }

full moon at sea

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Joanne said...

I am really enjoying see your photos! The full moon at night is gorgeous. Also, I like the top you made. Hmm, you would make it again??