Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the start of summer reading

While my husband and I were gone on our vacation trip last week, I had some time for some good reading, especially on the airplane (ugh - I do not enjoy the long waits that are involved with flying!)

I finally finished reading "Dewey" by Vicki Myron.

This was a wonderful, heartwarming true story, that weaves the lives of a small Iowa town, especially the life of the author, with the life of a cat named Dewey. He was found as a tiny kitten, shoved into the library night book dropbox where Vicki worked, and became the library's cat (his name is Dewey, like the Dewey Decimal system, get it? ha!) I have a special place in my heart for libraries, and this story is the perfect picture of why.

I truly hope a someone committed to making good family films picks this up and makes it into a movie! Yes, I am not always a fan of books made into movies, depending on how it's done, but this story is such a positive one that would be wonderful for the entire family if done well!

I finished "Dewey" during a four hour wait in the Miami airport, on our way to fly home. Since I had nothing else with me to read for the flight, I picked up the June/July issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray.

I was salivating for the entire plane ride - good thing I had some snacks in my carry-on! The best part of this issue is the total devotion to grilling, and the amazing number of useable recipes for adults and kids alike! So many good ideas for making tasty veggies, too, for those who find getting kids to eat veggies a challenge (raising my hand high!)

I've already made a recipe from this issue last night to take to a barbeque, and there are so many delicious ideas that I'm prepared for making them every day this week!

As Rachael says, Yum-O!

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