Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Self Portrait Challenge - { stairways 2 }

We're all still under construction, aren't we?

spc - stairways - week 2

This is also my homage to this sweet little ditty by robin the frog...

Halfway down the stairs
Is a stair where I sit:
There isn't any other stair quite like it.
I'm not at the bottom,
I'm not at the top:
So this is the stair where I always stop.

Halfway up the stairs
Isn't up, and isn't down.
It isn't in the nursery, it isn't in the town:
And all sorts of funny thoughts
Run round my head:
It isn't really anywhere! It's somewhere else instead.

-- A A Milne

I don't have any stairs, so this month's theme at Self Portrait Challenge is definitely challenging! A big thanks goes out to the neighbor who doesn't know me but whose home is still being built in the neighborhood.

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