Monday, November 8, 2010

teakettle. cinnamon spice. autumn is here.

for Self Portrait Challenge's "Six Word Story" theme...

teakettle. cinnamon spice.  autumn is here.

Due to the hot Texas weather that lingers on (sometimes popping up even in the dead of winter) I have certain things that I use to trigger fallish feelings around my house...

using the teakettle for the first time.

making soup.

homemade gingersnaps and assorted pumpkin goodies.

pulling out the extra blankets and strategically placing them hopefully around the house.

Ah, and to wear a jacket outside instead of to ward off indoor air conditioning freeze at public buildings - that is a sure sign of fall for me!


hip-chick said...

I am glad to live here in New England where the change of seasons is so pronounced. That being said...I will certainly be wishing I lived down south when the 19th snowstorm in February comes around.

Joanne said...

Good ideas for celebrating fall.
I put the electric blanket on the bed too. Of course, we don't need it just yet, but we are ready. :)