Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Self Portrait Challenge - { Flashback 2010 }

hibernating this winter with favorite friends...

hibernating this winter with favorite friends

I am super-excited that SPC is doing the Flashback theme again in January like last year! The idea is to use at least 2 of the 11 themes from 2010 combined in one photo.

Here are the themes I have included this week:

With Someone

Speech Bubbles (over on Flickr, I added the speech bubble above Skye's head, "I hope she doesn't get up for a very loooong time...")

5 Senses (Sight - reading)

Six Word Story (stated above the picture)


Joanne said...

Great photo idea! Too cute.

nic said...

this photo is solid proof that if you and i ever meet in person, we shall get on famously.


Rebekah said...

oh nic, I am certain we shall meet someday in person... what a fun day in heaven that will be :)