Monday, January 10, 2011

snow day


snowy lavender

snowy lavender

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wintry weather was the perfect excuse to work on a crafty project I had been hoping to do soon:

wreath project

how to make a fabric rag wreath:

wire heart wreath form from Hobby Lobby - $1.69

various fabrics I had on hand in shades of white & off white, torn into 1" wide strips (about 30-40 selvage-to-selvage strips) & cut to 6" lengths

spent a whole movie tying the strips to the wreath form last night - done!


nic said...

SO pretty! i tied up a fabric garland last night, and all the color in it makes me pretty happy, but your creamy wreath is downright gorgeous.

Butterfly Works said...

This is beautiful and I love the way you hung it on the door...Thanks for giving us instructions; I think I might try one of these.......

Joanne said...

The girls look like they were having sooo much fun! Your wreath is gorgeous, GREAT job!

angela said...

Have fun in the snow! We only got sleet yesterday in VA. The wreath is beautiful...I love that it's not pink and can survive past Valentine's Day. No Hobby Lobby here...maybe I'll try ACMoore or Michaels.