Sunday, February 3, 2013

bright birthday

Nicole's 13th birthday was yesterday. She asked for a white cake with lime green frosting. Not being a cake artist, I decided to find some other fun ways to make her cake more creative! After all, you only turn 13 once.

She's a fan of bright, fun colors right now, so here's what I did:


To do this, I cut the 2 baked layers in half like a bagel, using a long bread knife.

I dyed about 1 cup of the white frosting aqua (using mostly blue coloring with a hint of green coloring), and 1 cup I dyed bright pink (with red coloring.)

I used 2/3 of the blue between the bottom layers, then 2/3 of the pink between the next layers.

I then mixed the remaining blue and pink together in one bowl, which made the purple color!

Finally, I did the rest of the frosting with mostly green and a hint of yellow to get bright lime, or at least the best I could get it. I used a spoon to create the swirl pattern after I had frosted the cake, which is a hint I found on Pinterest.


Happy 13 to our amazing Nicole!


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Joanne said...

Yum!!!! Such a pretty cake for such a pretty girl!