Monday, March 25, 2013

Resurrection Mantle

I finished my Resurrection/Easter mantle decorating today. I did a quick and easy bunting project that added just the right finishing touch, and I'm very pleased with how it all turned out.

Here's a quick rundown on the bunting craft...
- muslin or other basic solid fabric
- jute cord
- black craft paint (I actually used leftover chalkboard paint!)
- printout of the letters H, E, I, S, R & N, in a font you like (I used Lemon Chicken sized at 175 in MSWord)

Tear the muslin into a couple of 6" wide strips, then tear those into 4" wide pieces, to get 9 total flags. I wanted the rough look, but if you want a clean look for whatever fabric you are using, cut nine 6x4" rectangles.

Iron the flags and sew or glue down (with fabric glue) a 1/2" casing at the top of each one.

Cut out the letters from the paper they are printed on to make stencils. I did have to cut in from the sides on some of them to reach the odd angles, so I just taped the outlines back together.

Center each stencil on the flag, and gently paint with the black paint. I used a Q-tip as my paintbrush, it allowed me to tap gently and get the soft, mottled look I wanted. It's better to start light, then add more to build the color until you like the amount, instead of doing too much and having it leak or make dark blobs.

Put a safety pin on one end of the jute (measured & cut to fit the space where you want to hang). Use the safety pin to push the jute through the flags in order.

Hang, adjust the spacing of the flags, done!

I am deeply thankful for the reminder I need and receive every year on Resurrection weekend, of God's faithfulness, Jesus' sacrifice, and the Spirit's renewal.

Tutorial for the crown of thorns is here, and the empty tomb tutorial is here.

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Joanne said...

Your mantle came out wonderful!