Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My little kitchen helper

Jelly jar + baking soda + circle of lace fabric + lid ring or rubber band =

Pretty enough to keep by your sink, packs a powerful punch!

The baking soda will dispense, shaker style, out through the lace.

Baking soda is a fabulous, inexpensive, natural kitchen helper:
- absorbs oil on greasy dishes
- makes a paste to help scrub gunk away
- as a soft scrubbing powder, it will make your sink shine
- if you used baking stoneware or cast iron cookware, baking soda is a perfect alternative to cleaning since you shouldn't use soap on these surfaces
- absorbs odors just while it's sitting there!

1 comment:

Joanne said...

I love using baking soda in my home to clean with!! If you want to have fun, spray some white vinegar on it and watch the bubbles. :)