Monday, June 3, 2013

Cream & Grey

I have been so busy with two huge projects at once -

1. Opening a new booth at an amazing antique mall in my area (yay!) I have shopped at this mall for years, it's amazing, and have wanted a booth there for some time. I've been on the waiting list, actually, since October...

2. Renovating my school/craft room. This I started before I found out a booth was available, so I was stuck with a huge mess from the room being torn apart while I got started on the stuff for the booth. More pics & a post on this later...

For the booth, I picked up a few pieces of furniture that needed some refinishing love and got to work in between the school room renovation work. Yeah, in all that spare time I have just laying around.

I used creamy ivory & light grey paints. Grey is so popular right now! I finished them up today, here are a couple pictures:

An entertainment cabinet, which could also be used for storage:

A hallway or behind-the-sofa table:

They're headed to my booth on Wednesday, along with a bunch of other things. I'll take pictures and share them once I get it all set up!

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Joanne said...

Those are really very pretty!!!