Thursday, May 16, 2013

DIY: polo shirt --> halter top

My younger daughter joined a choir this past fall, and just after buying all of her uniform pieces, they had to close. All members were invited to join another choir, which worked out wonderfully, but I was stuck with a few brand new obsolete clothing pieces.

The piece in question for this tutorial was a red polo shirt embroidered with the choir logo, which I recycled into a summery halter top.

The bottom edges were basically equal in length, so I didn't have to alter the hemline.

Here's a closer shot to see the cutting lines. I cut more sparingly at first, and then tweaked it until it looked about right.

8. Finish by sewing closed 30-36" length of 12" double fold bias tape & thrad through the top edge casing. I happened to have red bias tape with white polka dots, which added a cute touch.

I did a similar upcycle with a pink strawberry long sleeved top. It had holes in the arms, so I cut those off & turned the fabric from the arms into finger-formed ruffles for the chest embellishment.

You could do this top in any size, adult or infant or anything in between.

Obviously, the bias tape length would need to be adjusted for the size.

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Joanne said...

Great ideas! Beautiful tops.