Wednesday, July 16, 2008

more post-move posts

With the dsl not hooked up here until Monday, it took a lot longer than I'd hoped to watch the Bachelorette finale' on But I finally did, and it was worth the wait. Jesse looked great in that grey suit - such a romantic ending, wow. Well, except the part where she had to tell Jason no, which was sooo sad, geez.

Now back to real life, people.


We took the girls bowling on Saturday with one of their reward cards from our library's summer reading program. That was a hoot - the girls idea of bowling involved dropping the ball with a loud thud, followed by the ball rolling toward the pins with speeds that would lose in a turtle race. Don't laugh at our scores - it's been years since we grown-ups have bowled!

Daddy shows us how it's done...

Nicole - Go, ball, go!

Claire - she stood like this to watch her ball at almost every turn

Yeah, that's me - it's great how bowling is like the only sport where all pictures show what usually can't be seen easily without a mirror. And Chad took lots, so now I have 20 or so pictures of my bee-hind, sheesh.

Yay, Daddy!


Erin said...

Nicle almost beat you- way to go Nicole!!! LOL- sorry, couldn't help but notice :)

I'm a horrible bowler, but it's fun!

Jen said...

Rebekah, if that was my rumpus, I'd be making a special photo set on my flickr just to show it off!