Monday, November 19, 2012

Make It Yourself - photo/card hanger

You can use an old window frame (minus the glass) like I did, or you could also use any empty photo frame of any size, painted whatever color you'd like!

other supplies:
- metal screw eyes, I used , you can use fewer or more
- jute cording
- hammer & nail slightly smaller than the width of the thread of the screw eyes
- 1 3/4" craft clothes pins

Turn the frame around, back side facing you, and lean it against a wall or other support.

Using the hammer & nail, tap pilot holes at random intervals into the side of the frame. I put the pilot holes in the part behind where the glass would have rested, so that the screw eyes are partly hidden from view. (When screwed in, the screw eyes will be parallel to the wall and the frame - hope this makes sense!)

Turn frame so the other side is down, repeat pilot hole process, spacing these holes so they are staggered between the holes you just created on the opposite side.

Insert the eyes into the holes and screw in. I used blunt-nose pliers some of the time when there was resistance in the wood, otherwise my fingers would have been sore!

Begin threading the jute cording back and forth through the eyes, starting at the top or bottom, until you have created a zigzag pattern across the whole frame.

Tie the jute with a secure knot around the last screw eye. Starting at this end, begin gently tightening the jute from one eye to the next. You don't want it to sag when you attach things! When you reach the other end, secure it with another knot around the last screw eye. Trim the jute by both knotted ends to 1-2" long.

Use clothes pins to clip items to the jute. Use it year round by clipping seasonal items on for added fun!

Stand the frame on a piece of furniture against the wall for display, or hang on the wall.

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Joanne said...

This is a great idea!