Monday, April 22, 2013

Yogurt Parfait

I met a friend at a coffeehouse recently when I happened to be hungry, but didn't want to blow it with a big carb load, i.e., muffin. I picked out a yogurt parfait, which is not usually my thing, but to my surprise I enjoyed it!

Of course, being my mother's daughter, I thought, "I could totally make this!"

Yogurt Parfait

2/3 c. vanilla Greek yogurt (I used Oikos)
1/4 c. mixed frozen berries
2 Tbsp. granola (I used Quaker)

Layer in a cup.

I like to stir it up and let it sit for just a bit so the granola softens & berries thaw.

If you want to make a few at one time to be prepared for the munchies later in the week, use 1 c. volume containers with lids (as you can see, I did this at the same time, too).

One parfait is 200 calories.

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